Richard T. Boone born: 1823 Kentucky
married: Lucy Willet (1831-1898)
related to the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone of Kentucky
~~~ versus ~~~
Richard Boone born: 1824 Tennessee
married: Nancy Minerva Meese (1825-1880)
this family line NOT related to Daniel Boone
The big question is:
Which Richard Boone is your correct ancestor?
Is this information correct in your family tree?
Please check, a lot of people have it incorrect.

* These 2 Richard Boone men (& wives) are not related to each other.
* Many Richard Boone family trees have "conflated" these 2 men together.
* Conflate means "mix together"; produces incorrect facts.
* Most of the time the "wife" is also incorrect.
* Please check your tree against the facts provided below to make sure your tree is correct.
* I & others have done exhaustive work to provide the correct info provided here.
* If you have any info to add or correct to this body of work, please contact me (see bottom of page).

I (Henry Jordan) work on genealogy just about every day... my work is posted on I make an effort to get all my facts correct. But mistakes and oversight does happen. I continually research & many other databases to find additional information to add to or correct my tree. I particularly appreciate it when people contact me to inform me about corrections. I promptly do the research, verify, make those corrections and become an advocate of passing along that correction to as many people that will or can correct their pages as possible.

I encounter many people that have difficulty using software, so they just wind up leaving their tree a mess. Someone comes along and copies their mess - thus compounding the problem... and on it goes. Please everyone, do your best to clean up your tree. has very good tech support to help you. Another suggestion would be to just delete your mess until you can post correct info. Delete is easy.

Thank You Mike McMahan
I want to thank Mike McMahan for pointing out to me, the fact that I had Richard Boone of Tennessee in my tree conflated with the Richard Boone of Kentucky in his tree. I then wrote this page to help others understand the difference in these two men & their wives because I see this conflation (mixing of two people) is recorded on many people's family trees on Please check your tree against the following info to make sure your family tree does not contain incorrect information.

* OK here are the correct facts (to the best of my knowledge):

----------------------- BOONE GENEALOGY-----------------------------
this Richard T. Boone family line
leads to the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone of Kentucky.

Richard T. Boone
b. 14 Jul 1823 Fayette Co, Kentucky
d. 25 Feb 1893 Paducah, McCracken, Kentucky
buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky Plot: Addition Old, Section 17, Lot 265

Lucy Willet
b. 31 Sep 1831 Indiana
d. 11 Jun 1898 Paducah, McCracken, Kentucky
buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky Plot: Addition Old, Section 17, Lot 265

Eli Gaither Boone (1852 - 1922)
Elvira Boone Holland (1858 - 1936)
Frank C. Boone (1880 - 1932)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VERSUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
this line below, DOES NOT lead to famous frontiersman Daniel Boone.

Richard Boone
b. abt 1824 Tennessee
d. bef 1880 Marshall County, Tennessee
* 1860 Census for Giles County, Tennessee (only document that references this Richard Boone)
(no other information about this Richard Boone has been found)

married: abt 1846 Marshall County, Tennessee
Nancy Minerva Meese
b: 1825 Marshall, Hawkins, Tennessee
d. aft 1880
As indicated on the "1880 U.S. Federal Census, Schedules of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes" June 1, 1880 widow, Nancy Boone (age 50)(determined INSANE) was living w/widowed daughter Sarah BOONE Swiney (age 31) & her son William Swiney (age 9) in Marshall County, Tennessee. Living on farm next door, Nancy's son: John Wesley Boone (Sarah's brother) living w/wife Martha & children: Hattie (10), John T (8) & female infant.

1860 Census: John Wesley Boone, 13; Sarah E Boone 12 married: 23 Jun 1868 Marshall Co,TN - William 'Bill' D Swiney Sr 18431870 child: William b. 30 Oct 1870 d. 16 Feb 1932; Martha J Boone, 6
William Swiney Jr buried: Minor Hill Cemetery, Minor Hill, Giles County, TN
John Wesley Boone
b: 1 Dec 1847 in Marshall, Hawkins, Tennessee
d. 30 Dec, 1908 (age 61) Lawrence County, Tennessee
buried: Scotts Hill Cemetery, Pulaski, Giles Co. TN

married(#1): 3 Feb 1865 Marshall County, Tennessee
divorced(#1): (no)(wife died 1874)
Martha Ann Brantly
b.1845 Tennessee d. 9 Nov 1874 Tennessee
Martha's parents: Thomas C Brantley 1827 1870 & Elizabeth Luna 1824 1870
Sara Elizabeth Boone 1868 1869 (died infant)
Cornelia Harriet 'Hattie' Boone 1870 1911
John Thomas Boone 1872 1893
female daughter (6 months old in 1880).

married(#2): 5 Oct 1878 in Giles County, Tennessee
Martha Ardella Roberts
b: 10 MAY 1857 in Marshall County, Tennessee
d. 20 Jul 1945 (age 88) Leoma, Lawrence, TN
Buried: Scotts Hill Cemetery, Pulaski, Giles Co. TN

children: (see 1904 Boone family photo)
Julius Reed Boone (1884 - 1949)
George Allen Boone (1886 - 1948)
William Daniel Boone (1888 - 1969)
Emma B. Boone (1892 - 1911)
Maggie Sue Boone (1894 - 1919)
Selena Mae Boone
b: SEP 19, 1889 in Pulaski, Giles,Tennessee
d: Feb 27, 1971 Hayward, Alemda County, California
Burial: Monument Hill Memorial Park, Woodland, Yolo County, California

marriage #1:
Perry Pinckney Phillips
b: Dec 14, 1881 in Giles County, Tennessee
d. Sep 15, 1925 (age 43) Leoma, Lawrence, TN
Burial: Old Shores Cemetery, Pulaski, Giles County, TN

marriage #2: 3 NOV 1928 in Lawrence, Madison, Tennessee
William Archibald McKissack
b: 12 Aug 1880 in Logan, Cullman County, Alabama
d. 19 March 1956 in Leoma, Lawrence County, Tennessee
buried: Dunn Cemetery, Leoma, Lawrence County, Tennessee

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