Lake Lona Elementary School
Lake City, Columbia County, Florida
1928 - 1963

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Lake Lona Elementary School, Lake City, Columbia County, Florida This page is a plea to Lake Lona Students.
Please share your Lake Lona School memories.
Your information may be posted on this website.
Used to increase the knowledge base about Lake Lona School.

I have considerable experience searching the Internet.
There was no Lake Lona School webpage on the Internet
But with your help we can create one here and now.

The school closed in 1963. In Feb 2015, I made a conciderable effort to search anything Lake Lona Elementary School on the Internet and found nearly nothing. I did find that all the school buildings are long gone. The property is now a trailer park. As far as a Wikipedia or history / archived info about Lake Lona School - I found nothing, none, the school seems to have fallen between the cracks of time, but it shouldn't be forgotten... and so, from the students that attended Lake Lona, I have collected many photos, comments, facts, tid bits and stories about Lake Lona to create this website.
It was Lake Lona student Donald Barfield who found this photo of the main school building in his box of stuff. He took this picture with the cell phone in his pocket, then e-mailed this digital photo (.jpg) to me. In the near future anyone searching for Lake Lona on the Internet will be able to find it with a simple Google search. Please take the same action that Donald did and send me your photos, comments, facts, tid bits and stories.

1st CONTACT: Who are you?
If you were a Lake Lona Elementary School student,
please let me know by sending an e-mail to:

Just say: I was a Lake Lona student.
I will reply with specific questions.

A Plea To Lake Lona Students:
I know there is more information out there about Lake Lona Elementary School and it is up to you to help... We Lake Lona students are getting older and it's now time to document our past or it will be lost in our boxes, drawers and memories forever. When we die... POOF... it will be gone. Please search your attic, your drawers, your miles & piles of files for anything Lake Lona... and let's do this. I need more students to contact me and provide photos, comments, corrections and any other Lake Lona tid bits you may have that will complete this comprehensive webpage about Lake Lona Elementary School, Lake City Columbia County, Florida.

Topics we'll cover on the website:
* Dedicated to Lake Lona Elementary School, Lake City, Florida
* Dedicated Feb 2015 by the Lake Lona Alumni
now all past 61 years of age and that would like to reminisce about their unique tiny school. More importantly, this quaint country school that was located in a rural farming community of north Florida should always be remembered.
* Bell's country store (circa 1960's); previously named Baker's (circa 1940's)
* Lake Lona, yep the fish'n & swim'n hole right across from the school
* Do you know about the annual Lake Lona Reunion?
* Ever hear the Lake Lona area referred to as Precinct 5, Shalmanezer, Columbia County?
* Your suggestions? You name it. Bring something up. Let's kick it around.

Lake Lona Elementary School a "step back in time"
Lake Lona Elementary School should never be allowed to just fade away or be lost in time. Lake Lona students had a very unique educational experience that should be documented and remembered. Lake Lona was a "step back in time" between the old and the new school system of not only Columbia County but of all the State of Florida. The school is gone because the State of Florida determined it was obsolete by modern standards, but the fond memories of this school still live on in the hearts and minds of those who attended this unique country school in rural north Florida.

Local hard working farmers filled this school with their children. All the farmers and children knew each other. Many of them worked and played on each others farms. Many of these families attended the nearby Mt Carmel Church or the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and are buried in their cemeteries. I also want to include in this research: Bell's little country store circa 1960's (previously named Baker's in the 1940's) located right next door to the school. From the school, kids walked across a dirt road (Thomas Road, now Thomas Terrace) to the little country store to spend their pennies, nickels and dimes on their favorite Southern penny candies and soda pop such as RC Cola & Nehi Grape or Nehi Orange soft drinks and don't forget moonpies.

Wikipedia page for Lake Lona Elementary School:
The short term goal is to accumulate information to make a webpage about Lake Lona Elementary School (includes info about school history, students and surrounding area). The long term goal will be to submit the finished webpage to Wikipedia for perpetual life, attended by Wikipedia attendants. What this means is... In the future, when an online Internet Google search for "Lake Lona" is performed, there will be a Lake Lona Elementary School webpage found. Wikipedia attendants will maintain that webpage FOREVER for Free... no charge. That is what we are ultimately creating here. Please help with this project. I need students that attended Lake Lona Elementary School to tell their stories, share their photos, their report card, anything Lake Lona. No detail, is too small... speak up and don't leave anything out. Have fun with this. I need data, details, comments, corrections and photos.

E-mail your Lake Lona information to:
Who am I?
I attended Lake Lona a very short time, so I doubt any of you Lake Lona students will remember me. But I do have two pieces of proof that I attended. One is my Lake Lona Elementary School report card and the other is a person... my cousin Donald Barfield. I lived with and went to school with my 2 cousins Horace "Buster" McKissack and Donald Barfield. We lived on the McKissack 80 acre farm on Turner Road. As many of you may know, Buster was in a terrible car accident Aug 25, 1968 that killed 6 other Columbia High School students. Buster was left a bedridden cripple his whole life. He died in 2002. My cousin Donald Barfield can verify that I attended Lake Lona Elementary the 1962-63 school year (3rd grade). My name is Henry Jordan, I'm now 61+ years old. I'm a retired professional jeweler. As a hobby I do Internet and genealogical research. As I told you, I could only find scattered bits, pieces and Facebook comments about Lake Lona School on the Internet and we need to change that. I NEED YOUR HELP. I need you to send me any Lake Lona photos, stories, corrections and explainations. Bits & pieces of info are welcome.

Contact Me:
To be posted on this webpage.
I'm looking for information about Lake Lona Elementary School.
I'm looking for photos, stories, corrections and explainations.
Bits & pieces of info are welcome. No detail is too small.
Please Contact Me.

I attended Lake Lona Elementary only for the 1962-63 school year.
I was in the 3rd grade. Mrs Evelyn Witt was my teacher.

Research, webmaster, genealogy and written by:
Henry M Jordan

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