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Who I am

I am year old who lives in .
My main, specific interest is Penetration testing, but I like almost everything in relation to computers. I have done almost everything that there is to do computer wise, and it is all so interesting to me. I have programmed in many languages, built web pages, managed web servers, broke into secure systems (legally), discovered how processors work, made video games, you name it. Even though I have done all of these things and more, I still have much more to discover: more than I can even list.

What I have done

During the school year of 2016-2017, I attended a special academy for technology. We were allowed to work on almost anything that we wanted to as long as it pertained to programming. One of my favorite DEFCON Talks was called "RT to Win: 50 lines of Python made me the luckiest guy on Twitter". This talk was about a guy who wrote a bot to automatically enter "Retweet to Win" contests on twitter. I thought that this was really cool, so I decided to re-make his idea by myself. I used none of his code, since he never released it, but I managed to make something very similar. I wrote a bot in Python, that uses about 200 lines of code, barring the dictionary that I use, that does this exact thing. It can retweet, like, follow, or even generate its own tweets. It uses regex to sort through tweets, to make sure that it doesn't retweet something fake. I ran it uncontinuously for about 3 days and it tweeted nearly 3000 times. It has approximately a 10% false positive rate, but I haven't ever seen it retweet something that it wasn't supposed to repeat.

What I am doing

One project that I have been working on for a long while is worldbuilding for my video game.
I have always been interested in video games, but I never got my hands dirty making one. Over the years, I have been building lore and mechanics for my future project, but I haven't really worked on the meat-and-potatoes of the whole deal. I have worked on the actual programming part of it, and I have a pretty good idea of the scale of the project I am going into. This is probably the reason why I am not making much progress on it yet. My favorite game engine is Unity, and my favorite game programming language is C#. To really get this project done, I have assembled a small team of high school students, and I am learning 3D design. Game Design will never be a full career for me, but I really enjoy doing it.

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