Ralph & Eula McKissack Family - Tennessee
Aug. 2, 1992

7. Ralph (father)
6. Eula (mother)
Their Children
14. Tony (1st)
1. Fred (2nd)
17. Gaye (3rd)
11. Joel (4th)
20. Mark (5th)

1. Fred Maurice McKissack (son of Ralph & Eula)
2. Fred "Freddie" Maurice McKissack Jr. (son of Fred)
3. Monica McKissack Davis (daughter of Joel & Donna)
4. Patrick Davis (son of Monica &Nathan)(adopted by Nathan)
5. Lee McKissack (son of Joel & Donna)
6. Eula Mae Holley McKissack (matriarch) DOB: 3/19/1924 DOD: 6/30/2003 SS#: 312-36-6358
7. Ralph Harding McKissack (patriarch) DOB: 8/11/1920 DOD: 6/22/2006
8. Holley Gaye Hardy Potts (daughter of Gaye & Al) another picture
9. Allan Hardy (son of Gaye & Al) another picture
10. Jacob Eli McKissack (son of Mark & Melody) is six feet tall
11. Joel David McKissack (son of Ralph & Eula; ex-husband of Donna)
12. Jeremy David McKissack (son of Joel)
13. Donna McKissack (wife of Joel, "currently ex-wife")
14. Tony "Ralph Jr" McKissack (son of Ralph & Eula; husband of Juanita)
15. Toni McKissack (daughter of Tony & Juanita)
16. Juanita McKissack (wife of Tony)
17. Gaye McKissack Hardy (daughter of Ralph & Eula, wife of Al) another picture
18. Al Hardy (husband of Gaye) another picture
19. Rachel McKissack (daughter of Mark & Melody)
20. Mark McKissack (son of Ralph & Eula, husband of Melody)
21. Melody McKissack (wife of Mark)

Ralph Harding McKissack, age 85, of Leoma, passed away Thursday in Murfreesboro. He was a native of Lawrence County, retired from Murray, a farmer, an Army vetaran of World War 2, and a member of Dunn Methodist Church. He is survived by one daughter: Gaye Hardy of Lawrenceburg; four sons: Tony, Fred, Joel, and Mark McKissack all of Lawrenceburg. He is also survived by 12 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be Sunday at 3 at Neal Funeral Home with Keith Sherwood and John Anderson officiating. Burial will follow at Bonnertown cemetery.

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Henry Jordan (not pictured)(nephew to Ralph & Eula; cousin to everyone else)
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