Bonnie Adele McKissack Hood Carter Jordan
RESIDED: Alabama, Tennessee & Florida

age 31 in 1945
World War II 1939 - 1945
NAME: Bonnie Adele McKissack
BORN: March 20, 1914
DIED: April 2, 1977
BIRTHPLACE: Cullman County, Cullman, Alabama 99 miles south of Lawrenceburg, TN
BURIED: Dunn Cemetery at Dunn United Methodist Church on Dunn-Leoma Road, Leoma, Tennessee (6 miles south of Lawrenceburg)

FATHER: William Archibald McKissack
MOTHER: Martha Singleton Knight
SIBLINGS: Horace H., Vera Crowell, Voight, Annie L., Ralph, Lena B., Eddie A., Floyd M., Harold, Elbert, Arvad E., William
CHILDREN: Margaret McKissack, George Doster, Henry Jordan

Marriages & Children:

No Marriage, 1st Child:

Bonnie Adele McKissack, age 16, and unwed, gave birth to a baby girl:
Margaret Ann McKissack born Jul 8, 1930 Leoma, Lawrence County, Tennessee
In 1938, Margaret, age 8, was taken to Memphis Tennessee to be put up for adoption.
She was adopted by the Anderson family at the Georgia Tan Adoption Agency, Memphis, Tennessee.
Margaret married Charles Bertram Childers, they lived & raised their family in Memphis, Tennessee.
Margaret Anderson Childers died Oct 17, 1996 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
She is buried in Pine Log Cemetery, Brookland, Craighead County, Arkansas.

Sept 18, 2011 @ 8PM a lady called Henry Jordan in the evening and said, "this may be the strangest phone call, but I'm the 3rd granddaughter of your sister Margaret Ann." The lady calling me was Jessica Coop from Memphis, TN and we talked for nearly an hour. Jessica was 12 years old when her grandmother Margaret Ann died. Wow what a phone call... the first info in my 57 years of life that I had heard what had happened to my sister, that was adopted out of the family back in 1938. My mom (Margaret Ann's birthmother), Bonnie A, never talked to me about my sister, but I had heard "somthing" through the family, I think it may have been my Uncle Horace, but he told me very little. It was 1998 when my cousin Norman Marston of Leoma, Tennessee finally told me that when they were children, they played together at the old McKissask home in Leoma until the elders took 8 year old Margaret away to Memphis for adoption. I have no idea why my family never told me that I had a sister or any of the real details. My cousin did tell me that Margaret was loved and taken care of as a child. The adoption was targeted at my mother, Bonnie, because she was an unwed mother. I'm pretty sure that that was what broke my mother's heart for a lifetime. All my life (57 years old at the time), Margaret Ann was a family mystery to me until Jessica Coop called me Sept 18, 2011. You solved my mystery. THANK YOU JESSICA. THANK YOU. I welcome Jessica Coop or Jean Childers to contact me. There are two digital photos I would very much like to have. Please e-mail me... one of Margaret Childers and one of her grave stone at Pine Log Cemetery, in Brookland, Arkansas. Thank you so very much.

written by: Henry M Jordan - Daytona Beach, Florida
(son of Bonnie A McKissack Jordan)

1st Marriage, No Children:

Bonnie Adele McKissack married
11/16/1936 - 2/28/1944
George Allen Hood
they had no children

No Marriage, 2nd Child:

Bonnie Adele McKissack (not married) George W. Doster
they had 1 child:
George W. Doster

2nd Marriage, No Children:

Bonnie Adele McKissack married
12/14/1946 - 1953
Howard C. Carter
they had no children

3rd Marriage, 3rd Child:

Bonnie Adele McKissack married
1953 - 1964
George Lafayette Jordan
they had 1 child:
Henry Madison Jordan

Notes about Bonnie's children:
Bonnie had 3 children during her life.
FIRST CHILD: Margret Ann McKissack, was born when Bonnie was about 16 years old. Bonnie was young and unwed and "the family" pressured her into putting, 8 year old, Margret Ann up for adoption. The adoption took place abt. 1938 in Memphis, Tennessee.
SECOND CHILD: George W. Doster, was born while she was still married to George Allen Hood. The story that I (Henry Jordan, her son) heard was that Bonnie gave birth to George W. Doster, during the time that her first husband, George A. Hood, went to prison for armed robbery.
THIRD CHILD: Henry M. Jordan was born while Bonnie was married to his father, George L. Jordan. I guess it took Bonnie a lifetime to get the marriage and child bearing thing correct. But it wasn't long lived, as she divorced George when their child was only 10 years old.

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