Henry Madison Jordan
RESIDED: Florida

Henry Madison Jordan ...... age: 53
photo date: Feb. 13, 2006
NAME: Henry Madison Jordan
BORN: October 9, 1953
BIRTHPLACE: Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
DIED: still alive
BURIED: not yet

FATHER: George Lafayette Jordan
MOTHER: Bonnie Adell McKissack Jordan
HALF SIBLINGS (uterine *): Margret Mckissack, George W. Doster
HALF SIBLINGS (agnate/consanguine *): George Seyward Jordan, Carroll Frank Jordan, James "Jim, Jimmy" Howard Jordan

Marriages & Children:

2nd Marriage: Henry Madison Jordan married: 4/22/1990; Volusia County, Florida
one child:
Henry "Hank" Madison Jordan III; DOB: 12/10/2001
Traci Ann Hill Zellner

1st Marriage: Henry Madison Jordan married: 8/9/1975; Volusia County, Florida
devorced: 9/30/1976; Orange County, Florida
no children
Cynthia "Ravi Kaur" Lynn Wilbur

Full sibling or sibling
A full sibling or sibling is a sibling that shares both biological parents. Full siblings / siblings are sisters, brothers or brothers and sisters from same parents.

Half sibling or half brother/sister
A half sibling or half brother / half sister is a sibling with one shared biological parent. A half sibling that shares the same mother (but different fathers) is known as a uterine sibling, whereas one that shares the same father is known as an agnate sibling. In law, the term consanguine is used in place of agnate.

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